You bought your ticket! Thank you!!

We have been working hard since October to make this peace camp come to life. We can't wait to see you there!

Many people seem to have questions about specifics. We have answers. We made this separate page to avoid "clogging up" the General FAQ page, which is mostly aimed at folks who haven't decided about attending yet.

You probably still have questions!

We will do our best to supply some answers here. Click any question to see the answer.

My travel plans are in flux. Can I arrive before Monday, July 3? Can I stay after Sunday, July 9?

Unfortunately, no. Peace Camp officially opens at 10 am on Monday and we'll wrap up and tearfully say goodbye Sunday at 2 pm.

Our contract with Scattergood allows us to have guests on the school grounds from Monday through Sunday. We have limited access before and after camp week for setup/teardown, but our insurance policy does not allow us to have guests at those times. It's a bummer to have to time-limit our connection, but Scattergood has events all summer and they need the space for their summer camp and other activities. Thanks so much for your understanding.

P.S. There will definitely be organizing committee folks in Coralville ahead of time. The listing of hotels might help if you do need to stay nearby a night or two on either side of camp week. Hotels near Scattergood

What should I bring?

Where you are planning to sleep makes the biggest difference in what you need to bring. Click one of the two options below to see a basic packing list and more information about where you'll be staying.

I plan to sleep inside, either in the dorms or on the gymnasium floor

Here is a packing list for CITD (Camper in the Dorm). Note that the dorm beds have vinyl-covered foam mattresses but no bedding is provided. The dorm rooms will be shared, as are the restrooms down the hall. Some rooms are on the second floor and many rooms are equipped with bunk beds. A few rooms have sofas in them. Remember that there is no air conditioning in the dorms, but there is a fan in every room.

Bedding Clothes Personal/Misc Camp Gear
Sleeping bag Shoes/flip-flops Medications Flashlight/batteries
Sheets/blanket Jeans/shorts Towel/washcloth Water bottle
Pillow T-shirts Toothbrush/paste Camera
  Socks Soap/deodorant Backpack/fannypack
  Underwear Brush/comb Musical instruments
  Sweatshirt Sunscreen/lip stuff Tissues/bandana
  Bathing suit Personal first aid kit Camp chair/hammock
  Rain gear Phone/charger Fun stuff/sports gear

I plan to camp

Here is a packing list for campers. Tents will be set up on a big grassy field (it's a soccer field - so it will be sunny and flat) or in various small clusters around campus (ask at registration and we will help you find a good spot). Important: Make sure you only set up in designated areas - if you're not sure, ask a Team Peace member for help. Scattergood has asked us to restrict tents to certain areas to avoid damaging tree roots in the orchard and to prevent grass wear in other parts of campus.

Shelter Clothes Personal/Misc Camp Gear
Tent/ground cloth Shoes/flip-flops Medications Flashlight/batteries
Extra stakes/rope Jeans/shorts Towel/washcloth Water bottle
Tarp or cloth for shade T-shirts Toothbrush/paste Camera
Sleeping bag Socks Soap/deodorant Backpack/fannypack
Thermarest Underwear Brush/comb Musical instruments
Pillow Sweatshirt Sunscreen/lip stuff Tissues/bandana
  Bathing suit Personal first aid kit Camp chair/hammock
  Rain gear Phone/charger Fun stuff/sports gear

How am I going to get all my stuff to camp?

This is a burning question for many of us, including many organizers! Flying means traveling light or paying big baggage fees. Folks who are carpooling might still be surprised at all the stuff they need/want to bring and the car will fill up fast. Here are some ideas:

  • Keep it real! Get our your biggest suitcase and a duffle bag. Pack your tent and sleeping gear in the duffle, and stuff your suitcase full. Sit on it to close it, and sigh about all the stuff that doesn't fit.
  • Go glamping! Pack several large suitcases and bring your entourage to carry them for you. :-)
  • Know that there might be a better, if not cheaper, way. Scattergood has kindly agreed to provide limited, basically-secure storage in an unused classroom for our gear. There are a number of caveats and we must do all we can to be respectful – please don't make Thomas sorry he offered to do this for us!
    1. Send things to SFS only if you need to, and only the smallest amount. Nothing over 40 lbs!
    2. Be prepared to arrange to get it home after the reunion.
    3. Time your shipment to arrive no earlier than June 25.
    4. There is no storage for gear at SFS after the reunion. Scattergood has an event July 11th!
    5. Send your items to: {your name}, Peace Camp, c/o Scattergood Friends School, 1951 Delta Avenue, West Branch, IA 52358.
    6. Scattergood is a low-theft environment - it's a Quaker school. But don't send electronics or anything precious or essential to camp this way.

What if I WANT to sleep inside but the dorms are already full?

You have a few options, the gymnasium floor, the floor in various common spaces, and the dorm-room waitlist.

First, the gymasium floor will be available for folks who want to sleep inside. It's a wooden floor, so it might be loud, it might be warm (there are fans, but no a/c), and it will definitely be dry. We'll ask folks to stop using the space for recreation at around 9 pm and we'll ask for quiet hours from 10 pm until 6 am... you might want earplugs!

If you're willing to pack up your stuff each morning, there is floor space in the main building where you can sleep: in the social room (often in use for music until very late, and used for yoga pretty early), the recreation room downstairs, and the library. There are also lounges with available floor space for sleeping in the main dorm (second floor of the main building), and on both floors of the other dorm building. Any of these spaces that are meant to be shared should be treated with consideration for others... don't spread your stuff out across the entire room. :-)

Your other option is to email us at peacecitycolorado@gmail.com to ask to be placed on the indoor space waiting list. Please indicate in your email if you're willing to sleep on a top bunk. You'll have to have a 7-day ticket – no weekend tickets for inside space – and it will be first-come, first-served after we assign rooms to folks who buy tickets before you. We can't even guess now how many folks will choose the indoor space, so we make no promises... but if you have a hotel reservation and would rather be in the dorms, we should be able to let you know if you can have dorm space about 10 days before the start of camp.

I want to sign up for my volunteer shifts!

Each person should plan to do 1 or 2 volunteer shifts. Most of them are two hours long, and they are all pretty easy jobs - we've decided to hire Scattergood staff to do the food prep and cooking and to supervise dishwashing. Sign-up sheets for volunteer shifts will be near the registration table.
Cool fact: Irving Treadway, Scattergood's head cook, will be in charge of our meal service. You may also remember him as a Great Peace Marcher!

Will I be able to take a shower at Scattergood?

Yes, there are some showers in each dorm, and in the gymnasium. The showers in the dorms are co-ed. The showers in the gymnasium are separated and are designated for men and women. The water supply is somewhat limited (Scattergood has several wells to supply their water), so we will have to keep showers short.

Will there be A/V gear available?

We will have at least the following... a small LED projector, a few computers, a GoPro camera, and a stereo MP3 recorder. What are you bringing? We will have a sound system for the auditorium as well.

Is there a place to go swimming/boating/kayaking/river floating?

Ah, yes, sweet water in the summertime. :-) Scattergood has a pond, protected from agricultural run-off, that we can swim in. It's even got a little sandy beach (and no lifeguards, so swim at your own risk).

If you want to put a canoe/kayak or other boat or inner tube into water, you'll need to go a little further afield.

What will we DO during Peace Camp?

We have a long list of events lined up for you, and encourage more information sessions, discussions, and classes to spring up organically. Our goal is for you to leave Peace Camp with all the tools you need to be an effective activist in your community and we are adding more workshops to meet this goal.

  • service projects
  • rallies, marches, and protests
  • no-talent talent shows
  • sports of all kinds – bring your frisbee, ball, or kite
  • yoga classes
  • morning and evening circles
  • meals together
  • late-night shenanigans (nothing dangerous, but plenty of hilarity)
  • campfires and music
  • swimming or cooling off in the pond
  • EVERY camper should take either the single, stand-alone non-violence training which will be offered three times during the week, or the three-part non-violence trainer training

In short, if you want to make it happen, bring it! We will have basic audio-visual equipment and there is free wi-fi on site.

You didn't answer my question? Now what?

Ask your question in an email message, and if we think it's relevant to lots of folks, we'll add it to this page with our answer! If we think it might be specific to you, or you ask us to keep it private, we'll just reply to you. Send your message to peacecitycolorado@gmail.com and it will be answered by someone from Peace City.

Amy Barto and CJ Davis wash their tent, 1986


Amy Barto and CJ Davis wash their tent at Scattergood Friends School site, July 28, 1986